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Thank you for visiting our pages. Due to the unrelenting spammers, we have had to disable our guestbook. Please drop us a line if you have any questions or comments on this site, we'd love to hear what you have to say!

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Below is a sampling of some of our favorite comments.

Have enjoyed your web site to the fullest. I was in the USAF during the Korean conflict,was a flight line mechanic and flying crew chief on B-25's. Keep up the good work.
Pat O'Brient
Morganton, NC USA - 6.9.2006
Visited with the family today (06-6-2006). Great Museum and I enjoyed talking to the great people there.
Thanks all for the stories of your experences and the history of the planes.
Timothy J. Begle
Dale, Indiana USA - 6.6.2006
Our son is getting inerest in the war world 2 airplanes. He is 7 1/2 years old. He and his daddy talks about war world 2 stuff. He collected all of the wars world 2 jets in toys. Last year our family went the air force museum in Data ,Ohio.
I like this web site to.
Tammy, Bob and Jonathan
North Vernon, Indiana
Tammy Giddens
North Vernon, IN USA - 5.31.2006
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Ebuchiy, Verji Usa - 5.29.2006
This is a great site enjoy surfing into it. Thanks for all the information you provide.
Site was very interesting for me. I wish you and your site everything best!
Charlie Way
London, UK - 5.21.2006
Amazing site. useful information. awesome content.
A friend recommended your website. I found it very informative.
Then when I found out where you were located, I was very interested.
John Landaw
Richmond Hill, USA - 5.21.2006
Great flying site. Perhaps you like our site about miles & more too.
Franz Nolte
Duderstadt, LS USA - 5.20.2006
An amazing site. It is wonderfull to know there are people like you to keep history alive.At our club, The Lowveld Aero Club, we have a Harvard flying, I think you would know it better as the Texan, and it still draws more onlookers than any other plane around.
Greg Boston
Boston, MA USA - 5.18.2006
What a nice site, been surfing on it for the whole night and day and i never got bored for a single minute.
Caterina Flowers
Boston, MA - 5.18.2006
Good work! You’ve a very nice site where is possible to find interesting information.
Site was very interesting for me. I wish you and your site everything best!
Mick Collins
Decatur, IL USA - 5.18.2006
Very nice site!
grand, Arizona Usa - 5.16.2006
My 6 year old son is home schooled. Often, we do internet studies/searches for military vehicles because he is so interested in them. We enjoyed your web site. The coloring pages were wonderful. Thanks.
Angel Blough
Festus, MO USA - 5.15.2006
This is a very nice place! Good luck!
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Warszawa, Poland - 5.15.2006
This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work - very good.
poland - 5.8.2006
Great photos,you need more!And add more info about inividual serive records of your birds to bring the historic aspect into closer focus.Overall,good job guys!
John L. Smith
Tallahassee, Fl. USA - 5.7.2006
I looked for some information for my uncle - I found it really quick, thanks! I'm a Web designer on my own and like your home page navigation and especially the nice pictures!
Bye, Michael
Michael, Germany - 5.6.2006
The T-28 you have on display, Bureau# 138247 - That was the plane I flew on July 1, 1980 at NAS Corpus Christi, TX for my first Navy Pilot Training flight! My FAM-1 flight.
Russ Stalters
Leesburg, VA USA - 3.26.2006
My first visit - glad your here and I will be back often. Your information help me. Thanks.
London, UK - 3.18.2006
This is my first time on this site, and it is very interesting.
Your site helped me so much!!! Thank you!
Arvada, CO USA - 3.17.2006

Great work and keep it up. Nice layout and nice use of colors. Best of Luck!
USA - 3.14.2006
Good site. I'm very interested in flying war machines.
Lau Versicherung
Germany - 3.4.2006
love the site. printed out the pictures for the kids to color. great idea.
Dorothy Foley
Westfield, MA USA - 3.1.2006
great site! keep up the fantastic work!
Doug Doogans
los angeles, pa USA - 2.25.2006
Very interesteing the A-26 Restoration.
Luebeck, Germany - 2.23.2006
Thanks for the interesting site!
Ney York, Ney York USA - 2.13.2006
Fantastic museum, many thanks and all the best from Jim in Atlanta..
Jim Rockingham
Anlanta, GA USA - 2.11.2006
My Dad (Tom Blackwell) is smiling down at you. He wouldn't be surprised one bit at your success and how wonderful the museum has developed. I hope next time I'm in town to come see for myself. He LOVED you all and LOVED this museum.
Laura Blackwell-Jordan
MUSEUM COMMENT: Tom was one of the first people to volunteer at the Museum. He did it all. He washed airplanes, cleaned the floors and gave tours. Being a Marine in the Pacific in World War Two, he had first hand stories that made his tours entertaining and educational. He had a great spirit of service and giving of himself. He was truly a great man and we miss him very much.
Laura Blackwell-Jordan
Kansas City, MO USA - 2.3.2006
What a wonderful website! I put it in my favourites and I hope to see new pictures soon.
Michael Lau
USA - 2.2.2006
What a wunderful page. I'll come back, cu!
Greetings from Germany
Andreas Ahrens
Germany - 1.30.2006
Cool site! I enjoy looking at your airplanes.
USA - 1.29.2006
Very informative.Wonderful web site.
München, Bavaria Germany - 1.28.2006
I enjoy this site. Keep it up. Best wishes to everyone.
USA - 1.27.2006
one of the best sites I've seen. Keep up the good work. I give it a 5-star rating.
Best wishes
Mike Messner
Longview , Texas USA - 1.4.2006
A fabulous museum. This will be a permanent stop for me when I head south.
Man from Montana
Montana USA - 12.28.2005
You have a very interesting site...I like what I see and will return often to see your progress and additions.
USA - 12.27.2005
I just surfed in this great place. i took a few minutes of my spare time and surfed over your sites. Great kompliment!
It's one of the best I found in net.
USA - 12.27.2005
A FABULOUS museum. The best kept sectet in aviation. This will be a permanent stop for me when I head south. An absolute MUST see.
Pat Porter
Abq, NM USA - 12.23.2005
Your site was nice place to stop. Thanks.
Pichet, AR USA - 12.22.2005
Great resource! I love your site!
New York, New York USA - 12.19.2005
I've visited your fine museum many times. I've enjoyed photographing the planes with my old cameras, most dating from around the same time as the aircraft. On my last visit a few days ago, I shot a couple rolls with my pinhole camera which seems particularly well-suited to capturing the spirit of the old planes. The pictures are posted on my web site which can be accessed by clicking on my name below. Thanks again.
Mike Connealy
South of Hatch, NM USA - 12.7.2005
Congratulations for the webmaster. Great design. Keep up the good work
Boston, USA - 12.3.2005
The recent story about the Memphis Belle is not correct. "Hell's Angels" was first B - 17 to complete 25 missions and return to the U.S.
Michael Howell
Vancouver, Wa USA - 11.26.2005
My family has visited a few times when we've been back home to El Paso. It's a real gem. And incidentally, I frequented Mr. Bill Crombie's restaurant at the Cortez building. No relationship to the aforementioned Mrs. Calzada by the way (that I know of). The sandwiches were great. I and my colleagues from the Herald-Post (RIP) frequented the establishment.
Robert Calzada
Austin, TX USA - 11.14.2005
Greetings to the Crombie Family,
My name is myrna I worked for Bill Crombie at his P-51 Restaurant in the 90's. I am very happy to see all this Amazing Pictures on this site. I am a military wife now and My husband went into the Aviation Career. He is an Apache Pilot. To The Crombie Family Thank you for sharing your American history with everybody. I tell my kids what a wonderful man Bill Crombie was.
Myrna Calzada
Fort Campbell, Ky USA - 11.11.2005
Very familiar with the Trojan from my Air Force days. It was and still is my favorite. There is NOTHING that sounds like a Radial!!!!!!! Makes the pulse race.....
Ed Pugsley
Omaha, NE USA - 11.5.2005
Very nice site. If anyone is interested in having a fullsize nose art panel, leather flight jacket hand painted, or needs a squadron or group patch painted for their jacket, please visit our website, www.ackackdesigns.com
Russell Lawrence
Marietta, Ga. USA - 10.24.2005
I enjoy looking at youre airplanes, you have a cool site!
Nicholas Hutchcraft
Milwaukie, Or USA - 10.21.2005
I would like to take a moment to thank the Air Museum for hosting the LOE5 RV Fly-in this last weekend (Oct.14-17 '05). We had a great time and what a wonderful venue for such an event.
You have created a first class museum and I thank you for your efforts...
Stan English
Clovis, NM USA - 10.17.2005
Nice site intersting subgects. i'am very interested in flying war machines. It's a pity that my country do not have such i history.
Great thanks for this resourse
Peru - 10.17.2005
hi, found you guys looking up some A-26 restoration stuff. im looking to purchase one in the near future for airshow work. have you any parts suppliers you wish to share? or maybe are looking for some. i have been developing a list myself.
you have a great presentation online here!
best wishes for you, hopefully ill get out to see you sometime in the near future.
jim doane
jim doane
scottsdale, az USA - 10.10.2005
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